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We are a complete water storage solution provider company. With our trust, superior quality, cutting-edge technology and consumer-friendly designs, our plastic water storage tanks have a track record of excellence, making us the best water tank brand in business. Our overhead water tanks, Underground water tanks and loft tanks are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the industry needs and ever-changing demands of the consumers. Livepure is a selected Superbrand in the water storage tanks category, rightly the best water tank company in India today.

All Livepure overhead water tanks have been designed keeping in view the needs of all kinds of applications - domestic, commercial and industrial. Our overhead water tank range has a large variety of tanks with multiple layers (4-6 layers), colours and sizes. Each Livepure water tank goes through strict quality control checks making each tank stronger and more rigid thus keeping its position as the best water tank brand.

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Many layers foam

One layer serves as the outermost layer, the second layers serve as UV protection and the third layer serves for better visibility. They are better than double layer tanks and are highly durable. They cost more than single and double layer water tanks.

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Protect your water from germs

Maintain temperatures that do not promote bacterial growth. Ensure Each Tank Has a Circulation System to Minimize Stratification and Stagnation. Regularly Clean and Disinfect Water Tanks.

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